From the whitest hard maple to red oak with extremely tight growth rings and rich color, we make an effort to differentiate Champlain Hardwoods from the competition through the exceptional quality of our inventory. Champlain Hardwoods offers its customers green and kiln-dried domestic Northern and Appalachian hardwoods including Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple, Ash, Birch, Hickory, Basswood, Cherry, and furniture grade and D & better eastern white pine.  By stocking a robust inventory of the species we specialize in, we are able to offer our customers a controlled product and ship mixed loads.  We are committed to our customers, viewing each relationship as long-term.  We will often take inventory positions for our dedicated customers, stocking material for those with consistent needs.  We take a proactive approach to minimizing problems, and we take personal responsibility for the lumber we sell, always having the best interest of our customers in mind.

Below is a copy of our most recent stock sheet.  Please e-mail us or calls us at 802-878-5000 to request a quote on any of the items in our inventory.   Please also let us know if you have green lumber needs, including lumber and cants for industrial use.  If we don't have what a customer is looking for, we are often able to locate a load to fill the need quickly.  So, if you don't see what you need on our list, please let us know, and we'll get on it!

We are having difficulties updating the current inventory. We're sorry for the inconvenience,
but you can call our office for the most up to date list.


1 T/L 4/4" 1F&Btr (Sap&Btr)(5"+W x 7"+L) 2m' 4/4" 1F&Btr (PA)(6"+W x 8'+L) (90/50)
2m' 4/4" 1C&Btr (Birdseye) 1m' 4/4" 1F&Btr (NE)
6m' 4/4" 1C&Btr (Curly) 2m' 5/4" 1F&Btr (PA)(90/50)
2m' 5/4" 1C&Btr (Unselected)(Curly) 8m 6/4" 1F&Btr (PA)(90/50)(Good W+L)
3m' 5/4" 1C (Sap&Btr)
8m' 6/4" 1F&Btr (Sap&Btr)(4/14/14)
9m' 8/4" 1F&Btr (Sap&Btr)(4/18/14) YELLOW BIRCH (UNSELECTED)
1 T/L 4/4" 1F&Btr (5"+Wx7'+L)
6m' 4/4" Sel&Btr
2m' 6/4" 1F&Btr
SOFT MAPLE (UNSELECTED) 2m' 8/4" 1F&Btr (7"+W)
9m' 4/4" 1F&Btr (Sap&Btr)(6"+Wx8'+L)(Mid-April) 3m' 8/4" 1C&2AC
1m' 4/4" Sel&btr (Sap&Btr)(11-12')
2m' 4/4" 2AC (Unselected)
2m' 4/4" 3AC (Unselected) ASH (UNSELECTED)
2m' 6/4" 1F&Btr (Unselected)(4/11/14) 1m' 5/4" 1&2AC
3m' 4/4" D&Btr (Rough) 6m' 4/4" 1F&Btr
5m' 4/4" D&Btr (S2S to 15/16")(Stained)


All lumber is offered subject to prior sale.

2 Marketplace, Suite 4   *   Essex Junction, VT  05452     *     802.878.5000