On December 30th of 1982, Dave Williams filed for incorporation and founded Champlain Hardwoods with the help of his wife, Linda.  The name Champlain Hardwoods came from the company's close proximity to Lake Champlain, which splits Vermont and New York.  Dave and Linda worked out of a 200 square foot office space as Dave spent his days building the company's book of business, filling out customs papers from his living room at night, while Linda kept the books.  In 1983, Champlain Hardwoods joined the NHLA and shortly after, the company hired its first employee, Madeleine Tremblay.  Three years later, Champlain hired Chris Castano, now Vice President, to work with Dave on expanding the company's presence in the Northeast.  A decade ago, Champlain Hardwoods took over running the New England Lumbermen's Association, and both Chris and Dave have served as officers.

In 1995, Champlain Hardwoods realized that it was time to stop resisting the technology movement and reluctantly purchased its first computer, a major step because the company had done things "the old fashioned way."  Champlain was then quicker to embrace the Internet, when it established a web presence in January of 2001.  On the five year anniversary of the release of Champlain's original website, Champlain gave it a face-lift with the release of a new site in January of 2006.

Champlain Hardwoods has slowly but steadily grown, always at a rate that wouldn't interrupt its ability to service its customers.  Champlain has adapted with the industry, offering FSC certified lumber to its customers in January of 2003, but the firm's mission statement has never changed. Champlain Hardwoods now has six employees and sells lumber throughout the United States and Canada. However, its way of doing business is very much the same as it was a quarter century ago.

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